We are a family company of national origin that from its incorporation in 1991 and with more than 20 years of experience in the Poultry Industry has continuously sought growth and integration in the productive chain for a better production development. It is located in Colón Department, Province of Entre Ríos, Ruta Nacional N° 14, km. 151,5.

Our beginnings go back to 1978 with the fattening of chicken in small sheds of our property. Since then, we have grown and integrated new farms to the production. In 1991, we began with our own manufacturing of balanced feed.

Some years later, the incubation was added and in 1998 we opened the poultry processing plant, working with a manual process until 2006, when automatic evisceration was incorporated. In 2009, the cooling and freezing tunnel was added.

Finally, in 2010 a modern By-products plant was put into operation. This has allowed processing viscera, feathers and bones derived from the poultry processing, transforming them in valuable raw materials for animal feed.

At present, our processes range from egg production to the trade of manufactured products, with special attention to quality at all stages.

Since the beginnings, our main aim has always been offering our customers products manufactured under the four fundamental pillars of poultry farming: good genetics, good nutrition, good health and good management.